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This appointment will be a one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle assessment. You will be getting your weight and your body fat percentage checked to better understand your body type. We will discuss your eating habits, past medical history, your typical day to day life, and the goals you're trying to accomplish.

5 Day Detox

This detox consists of all natural foods desgined to cleanse your body and eliminate bad gut bacteria. It is highly
recommended to kick start your diet and get you ready to begin your meal plan. Each detox plan is personalized according to your likes and dislikes as well as your goals. The average weight loss on this detox ranges from 5-15lbs.

Vegetables and Herbs
Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Meal Plans

You will be receiving a detailed meal plan according to your goals and body type. With your meal plan, you will be provided a grocery list as well as personalized lifestyle tips and recommendations. We will be reviewing your meal plan and what your lifestyle will look like for the next two weeks until your follow up.


Follow Ups

During your follow up visits we will be discussing your results as well as providing modification to your plan if necessary. We will be measuring both your body fat percentage and your weight to keep track of your progress. This visit will provide you with the new tools needed along with changes in your lifestyle if necessary.

Healthy Food