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Client Testimonials

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Sara genuinely cares about her clients and what they want. She transformed my fitness and diet journey into a lifestyle. She is definitely the best in the game!"


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"This detox challenges you mentally more than physically. A couple days in and my energy levels were extremely higher then usual. My bloating had gone down completely and I lost 13lbs in 5 days!"


"Not only did my confidence levels go up but so did my energy! The best part about working with Sara is the complements I've been getting about my transformation 80+ lbs down and I'm feeling amazing."


"Sara has helped me overcome my fear of trying new foods and incorporating different types of physical activity. She taught me portion control and pushes me everyday."


“The meal plan Sara put me on was a very big help. I went from bad eating habits and struggling to gain weight to following the plan and gaining weight while looking good and healthy.”


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"My weight loss journey was the best thing I've ever done for myself. The process was not easy it took a lot of hard work and determination but I turned it into a lifestyle. I am now 200lbs less and thanks to Sara she helped me lose the last 50lbs!"

ghada transform.jpg

"Sara didn't just help me lose weight like any other typical nutritionist. She showed me that there is a fun and easy way to do so without cutting out the foods I love. I am now 30 lbs less and feeling amazing!"


“Sara helped me lose 7lbs in 5 days on her detox. My energy levels are much higher and I feel less bloated.”


'Little did I know 3 weeks of hard work could give me such great results I'm already 11 lbs down. Sara is the best in the game at what she does."

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