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Healthy Lunch

Meal Prep Menu


Shrimp Cobb Salad

Weight Loss- 8.5g Carbs, 21g Fats, 17.7g Protein 292 Calories

Maintain Weight- 10.2g Carbs, 22g Fats, 31g Protein 365 Calories

Weight Gain- 15.6g Carbs 27.1g Fats, 48.1g Protein 500 Calories

Ing: Shrimp, corn, olives, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cilantro dressing.

kale salad with salmon.JPG

Kale Salad + Salmon 

Weight Loss- 22.7g Carbs, 21g Fats, 23.1g Protein 370 Calories

Maintain Weight- 24.2g Carbs, 26.4g Fats, 31.8g Protein 450 Calories

Weight Gain- 38.6g Carbs, 37.9g Fats, 37.6g Protein 618 Calories

Ing: Kale, beets, quinoa, cheese, dried cranberries, avocado, pecan and raspberry vinaigrette.


Mango Salad + Chicken 

Weight Loss- 31.3g Carbs, 1.8g Fats, 27.9g Protein 236 Calories

Maintain Weight- 62.5g Carbs 3.2g Fats, 46g Protein 430 Calories

Weight Gain- 67.3g Carbs, 11.8g Fats, 56.9g Protein 570 Calories 

Ing: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mango, red onion, chicken breast, and vinaigrette dressing

Salmon Bowl

Weight Loss- 390 Calories 31.4g Carbs 17.8g Fats 26.7g Protein

Maintain Weight- 580 Calories 38g Carbs 26g Fats 47.6g Protein

Weight Gain - 680 Calories 40g Carbs 32.2g Fats 57g Protein

Ing: Salmon, rice, cucumber, avocado, black seeds, and chipotle sauce.


Chicken Lemon Pasta

Weight Loss- 328 Calories 30g Carbs 10.2g Fats 30.5g Protein

Maintain Weight- 500 Calories 46.6g Carbs 13.1g Fats 53.1g Protein

Weight Gain- 670 Calories 51.1g Carbs 16.8g Fats 81.6g Protein

Ing: Pasta, chicken, lemon sauce


Steak Fajita

Weight Loss- 380 Calories 25.5g Carbs 15.1g Fats 31g Protein

Maintain Weight- 535 Calories 35.5g Carbs 20.1g Fats 45.7g Protein

Weight Gain- 690 Calories 45.5g Carbs 25.1g Fats 60.4g Protein

Ing: Filet, taco bread, onion, bell pepper, fajita sauce, lettuce, and mushroom.

chicken b.JPG

Chicken Bowl

Weight Loss- 270 Calories 7.5g Carbs 4.4g Fats 22.5g Protein

Maintain Weight- 450 Calories 12.5g Carbs 7.7g Fats 37.5g Protein

Weight Gain- 630 Calories 17.5g Carbs 10.2g Fats 52.5g Protein

Ing: Rice, chicken, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, chipotle dressing, almonds, and black seeds.


Chicken Kabob

Weight Loss- 30.9g Carbs, 5.2g Fats, 31.5g Protein 262 Calories

Maintain Weight- 43.3g Carbs, 5.9g Fats, 48.8g Protein 387 Calories

Weight Gain- 73.4g Carbs, 6.8g Fats, 64.6g Protein 580 Calories 

Ing: Chicken skewers, mixed bell pepper, rice, cooked onions, and garlic paste 

beef strog.JPG

Beef Stroganoff 

Weight Loss- 4.5g Carbs, 22g Fats, 18.5g Protein 293 Calories

Maintain Weight- 7.5g 36.7g Fats, 30.8g Protein 488 Calories

Weight Gain- 12g Carbs, 58.7g Fats, 49.3g Protein 488 Calories

Ing: Rice, filet, mushrooms, onions, and mushroom sauce 


Taco Bowl

Weight Loss- 353 Calories 6.7g Carbs 23.9g Fats 26.7g Protein

Maintain Weight- 513 Calories 9.9g Carbs 34.9g Fats 38.4g Protein

Weight Gain- 680 Calories 13.1g Carbs 45.9g Fats 50.2g Protein

Ing: Lettuce, pico, cheese, olives, jalapeño, ground beef, and avocado spread.


Shrimp Pesto

Weight Loss- 340 Calories 42.5g Carbs 9.4g Fats 21.3g Protein

Maintan Weight- 430 Calories 53.3g Carbs 10.2g Fat 30.3g Protein

Weight Gain- 700 Calories 66.1g Carbs 20g Fats 62.2g Protein

Ing: Noodles, shrimp, pesto sauce, mushrooms


Kafta Dish 

Weight Loss- Protein 24g Carbs 37g Fats 10g Calories 320 Maintain Weight- Protein 32g Carbs 46g Fats 20g Calories 470

Weight Gain- Protein 49g Carbs 87g Fats 20g Calories 690

Ing: Kafta, rice, onion, mixed peppers, and our homemade sauce.


Chicken Fattoush

Weight Loss- 260 Calories 16.8g Carbs 12.4g Fats 23.9g Protein

Maintain Weight- 460 Calories 26.2g Carbs 20.6g Fats 57.9g Protein

Weight Gain- 650 Calories 42g Carbs 31g Fats 60g Protein

Ing: Lettuce, tomato, radish, cucumber, mint, pomegranate, red onion, and Mediterranean dressing.



Weight Loss- 215 Calories 24g Carbs 3g Fats 23g Protein Maintain Weight - 375 Calories 50g Carbs 4.2g Fats 35g Protein

Weight Gain- 475 Calories 50g Carbs 6.8g Fats 55g Protein

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